Used Cooking Oil Recycling

October 24, 2020

Restaurants rely on cooking oil, and many restaurants use a lot of it. What to do with used cooking oil becomes a big question because they have to do something with it. It is possible to come up with some creative uses for used cooking oil, but very often there is too much for that to take care of all they have. Used cooking oil recycling is a great option, and there are companies that will not only come and get your oil, they will also give you some cash for the oil.

Reusing oil

Some smaller restaurants have devices to filter oil at the end of the day or multiple times during the day. This is one example of creative uses for used cooking oil. It is possible to strain it by hand, but there are devices and equipment that do a better job. This is one way to extend the life of the oil, and it saves some money. Even so, at some point that oil will no longer be usable, and used cooking oil recycling needs to be taken to another level.

Recycling the oil

Companies like Apex Environmental Solutions can recycle your used oil and use it to make biodiesel fuels.  Eco-friendly fuels have been a topic of discussion for several years, and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 paved the way for biodiesel fuels to become more popular. Produces saw they could convert used-cooking oil into this type of fuel and the demand was created. This led to the rise of companies that could collect the oil and move it along to the fuel producers.


One clear benefit to restaurant owners is getting paid for their used oil. This oil obviously cannot be simply flushed down the drain, and cannot be put in the regular garbage. There was a cost to getting rid of the oil before, but with used cooking oil recycling, restaurant owners can now make a small profit instead of having to pay to dispose of the oil. The biodiesel fuel that is made from this oil has low carbon content, and so is not as bad for the environment as most fossil fuels. A third benefit is that it lowers the risk of clogging drains or other septic systems.


Companies like Apex Environmental Services will collect your oil and pay you for it. That is a great service, but it does not stop there. The used oil should bestored in airtight containers that are labeled. The company can also help you with managing the oil itself. Pumping grease traps can help you avoid clogged pipes in your plumbing system. Hydro-line jetting and pressure washing are two similar services that involve getting rid of grease and oil that could cause problems for your restaurant. Hydro-line jetting clears the plumbing,while pressure washing cleans floors and other services where oil can cause safety hazards.

There area lot of advantages to recycling used cooking oil. When you are wondering what to do with used cooking oil, contact a company that will not only come get your oil but will pay you for it as well.

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