Save the Planet, Earn Money: APEX Environmental Solutions Aid Idaho Restaurants

August 30, 2020


What can Idaho-based restaurants do when their cooking oil can no longer be used? They can call for APEX Environmental Solutions, a company headquartered in Pocatello that specializes in restaurant oil collection, recycling the oil into biodiesel fuels. By doing so, restaurants are not only taking steps towards saving the planet but are also making a small profit. 


For the last two decades, there have been intense discussions regarding eco-friendly fuel. Biodiesel fuels emerged as one of the most prominent choices as a result of The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and soon, biodiesel producers began searching for used cooking oil to recycle into such fuels. Companies specializing in professional restaurant oil collection such as Idaho’s APEX Environmental Solutions were born to help meet this demand. 


One significant benefit for Idaho restaurants to schedule oil collection is that it has a positive impact on the environment. Biodiesel fuels have low carbon content and don’t produce carbon monoxide, effectively reducing carbon footprints.  

Recycling cooking oil also decreases the chance of clogged septic systems, ultimately saving restaurants money. 

Not only can they save money by recycling cooking oil, but they can also earn some extra profit. APEX Environmental Solutions will buy restaurants’ cooking oil, and Pocatello’s restaurants can make a nice little sum by frequently scheduling a pickup. 


APEX Environmental Services offers four types of services for their clients: collecting cooking oil, pumping grease traps, hydro-line jetting, and pressure washing. 

Cooking Oil Collection: Used cooking oil needs to be stored in an airtight container and labeled “Used Oil”. These containers should be in prime condition: no rust, leaks or any other signs of deterioration. Any defects should be fixed immediately. 

Pumping Grease Traps: Cleaning out the grease trap (a device in the plumbing that separates grease from wastewater) regularly ensures that grease doesn’t clog pipes, and that restaurants do not experience issues that could potentially lead to the loss of business (such as backups and unpleasant smells that permeate in the building as well as the parking lot).

Hydro-line Jetting and Pressure Washing: While there are many similarities between the two services, there are a number of minute but vital differences that justify the distinction. Essentially, hydro-jetting takes care of the brown grease clogging the plumbing while pressure washing is used for cleaning up grease spilled on various types of floors. More information on differences between hydro-line jetting and pressure washing can be found here. 

There is no disadvantage for Idaho restaurants to have their used cooking oil professionally collected — not only will they be earning extra money, but they will also be saving the planet. So, Pocatello restaurateurs: start recycling your used cooking oil today by contacting APEX Environmental Solutions. 


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